Software Engineering Company

We optimize your business processes by crafting the high quality software solutions.
Our team applies the innovative approaches to create complex web, mobile and desktop applications for business.

Since 2017 we build and maintain the Leroy Merlin Ukraine e-commerce platform

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About us

DevAtlant SAS originated in 2016 in France under the leadership of Yevgen Voronetski, software engineer with 20+ years of commercial experience, working with a variety of business sectors all over the world.

We provide a full set of professional IT-services for custom enterprise development. We manage the full development cycle - from Conception to Production Support.

Our engineers have been studying and working in France. We are linked very closely to France and french culture. Those facts give us many key advantages to succeed in communication with our clients.

We share not only the Java source code, but the "cultural french code" is integrated in our DNA.

This why our main clients are large French companies spread across the globe.

Our clients

100% of our clients are French companies. 100% of our ukrainian team speak french.

Services and technologies

We are technocrats. In term of tools we are using the web centric stack.
In order to give the short preview of our expertise, we have created the following table.
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