Devatlant & Leroy Merlin Ukraine

A Partnership Defined by Numbers and Results

Devatlant has been the driving force behind Leroy Merlin Ukraine's e-commerce platform since 2017.
Our team of 5 engineers has built custom e-Commerce platform in Java.

Together with LM UA digital team we have seen how the initial specs becomes something real and how the platform grow from 0 to 200 paid orders per day.

Different business integrations with OMS, delivery, payments, SEO, multi-strore support were implemented, tested and put into production with sophisticated monitoring solution based on ELK stack.

We are proud to be part of this success story.

Major achievements

  • Craft lean development process - from conception to production release. With design, specs, SEO impacts, security concerns, workload estimation, CI/CD, testing and deployments.
  • Engineering Ecommerce platform from scratch with existing custom PIM and CMS systems.
  • Developing Java-based DSL for hiding complexity of REST API.
  • Implementing custom integrations for OMS, Delivery and Payment providers.
  • Design and implement public API for 3rd party companies for order creation and management. (Swagger, Security, 90% of coverage, versioning)
  • Generating daily feed for Google Merchant Center (50 K products from PIM for 15 minutes)
  • Optimized performance for scale during COVID-19 online boom. 10x more orders per day.
  • Multiple technical migrations of the platform to new custom software pushed from parent ADEO head office.


  1. Architect
  2. Java Engineer
  3. Frontend Engineer
  4. DevOps Engineer
  5. UI/UX Designer





  • Java 8, Spring/Spring Security/Spring Test/SpringMVC, SpringBoot, Thymeleaf, Hibernate, Maven, JUnit, Mockito, maven, Tomcat, Jenkins, Sonar
  • Fastly CDN / load balancer F5 / ElasticSearch / DataDome - anti-bot protection / Docker & Kubernetes / Ansible
  • VisualVM, JConsole / JRebel, JProfiler / JMeter / JMH / dmesg, iostat, vmstat, top, htop