Reliable Software Engineering

Software consulting company driven by tech people.
We deliver the high quality solutions by combining the modern technologies stack and pragmatic mindset, focusing on the result!


We are working very closely
with French companies and
we promote the #FrenchTech
movement in Ukraine. MORE...

About Us

The company was created in 2016.
Our team is distributed across France (Lannion) and Ukraine (Kiev). Our engineers have an outstanding experience with all software related activities - from the business requirements formalization, to implementing the complex web application based on distributed architectures.
Our main focus is to deliver the highly efficient software products for our customers.

Our priorities

We carry out tasks of different difficulty so we can realise any of your ideas
We respect you and your time so we always carry out the assigned tasks on time
We are passionate about IT and we keep up with new technologies.
Like a painter, we sign our software projects with an industrial approach mark.
We are happy to promote the #FrenchTech label in Ukraine
We are adepts of cosmopolitanism. We do the pragmatic negotiation with win-win principles
Our main advantage is a brilliant team.

Services & Technologies

We intentionally separated our expertise in different sections, each reflecting a specific activity in software development cycle. But in reality we think and operate in systematic way when all those activities should be taken into account. For example, when developing a web application, we will elaborate not only adaptive and responsive layout for mobile devices, we will dig all questions about how to securely backup the data, how can we minimize the downtime while deploying new versions/patches, how we can mitigate the DDOS attacks, etc.


We are simply polyglots. We use most adapted technology stack for a particular problem. We pay a lot attention to the coherent and maintainable object oriented design, performance and security, deployment and support issues.

Languages: Java, #C, Ruby, PHP, C, ActionScript, JS.

Platforms: JDK, .NET, Android.

For rapid application development: Ruby on Rails, Srping.Roo & SpringBoot, Symphony2 and Yii for PHP.


We are constantly improving our toolbox of modern technologies which resolve a lot of common issue in high performance, distributed and fault tolerant environments. We are taking part in Open Source project development

NoSQL: MongoDb, Redis, ElasticSearch

Distributed caches: Memcached, Hazelcast

RPC: Thrift

Web stack: HTML 5, CSS Bootstrap, SCSS, JS, node.js, grunt.


We are impressed by the DevOps culture and try to adopt as much as possible from the community. Deploy automatisation, infrastructure as a code, smart business metrics, intensive usage of different PaaS, IaaS and SaaS - we are using them in every day basis.

Log aggregation:
ElasticSearch, Kibana, Logstash

PagerDuty, Sensu, Monit, Zabbix

Docker, Vagrant, Otto, Ansible, Chef (Kitchen, Knife)

Multi-technology deploy:
custom capistrano recipes for every corner case and technology


We were the early adopters of CI philosophy. In 2007 we installed the first CI server called Hudson. Nowadays, the CI is a vibrant core of any automatisation which generates and aggregates a lot of events around the project health and life cycle.

SCM: Git/GitHub/GitLab/Gerrit, SVN, CVS

CI servers: Jenkins CI, TeamCity

Issue trackers: Redmine, Jira, GitHub issues, Trello

Messengers: XMPP and Slack with many integrated chat-bots

Quality metrics: SonarQube, Php Quality Assurance Toolchain


In order to guarantee the quality of the products we ship, we always apply the best engineering practices from QA perspective. We maintain a small open source project for automating Selenium tests.

Java: JUnit, TestNg especially for multithreading testing, JMeter for performance test

Integration tests: DBUnit, SpringTest, Arquilian

Acceptance tests: Selenium

Video Streaming

We have worked a lot with different subset of video streaming solutions and protocols. Online video streaming, mobile compatible solutions, video CDNs.

Servers: Wowza Streaming Engine, Nginx rtmp module, JWPlayer, Kurento Media Server, GStreamer.

General tooling: ffmpeg, avconv, WebRTC

Hardware: HDMI-IN capturing with Android and Raspberry PI devices

Protocols: RTMP, HLS, RTSP

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